Trump Wins!

Sadly, as with BREXIT, it is what KMG planned to cope with as we see markets open this morning spooked by events overnight. Our stance is to look forward and remain globally diversified as we expected to see volatility whatever the result. With a win for Trump, markets are likely to be volatile a little longer than had Clinton succeeded.

As with BREXIT, nothing changes and markets will again realise this as Trump will not move into the White House until January. Policies will not change overnight and indeed, like Obama, he will need to pass these through Congress to make any real changes and we have seen that even Obama failed in some of his policies during his term.

At our seminar, we discussed that the election simply reinforces all the points made by BREXIT and the upcoming EU elections; to coin a Trumpism, “the people are revolting”.

Unless the intellectual well-off realise and do something dramatic, which seems impossible, ….then the EU is the next bastion to collapse!

In the past three years, our medium portfolio has returned 25% and we have no reason to not expect more of the same going forward. It is always wise to ignore short-term volatility, at least Trump’s acceptance speech was conciliatory. And what has really changed this morning?

KMG Team
9th November 2016