Investment Management for both Personal and Business

We have a dedicated investment management team at KMG Investment Management who look at the entire investment universe and conduct detailed research into each fund and product we recommend. Their remit is to consider the global macro picture and make tactical geographic and asset allocation decisions with the aim of providing positive returns whilst minimising downside risks (reducing volatility).

KMG are forward thinking and, by example, this aided us to avoid the debacle of the property sector and equities in 2007 where we recommended coming out of these sectors as we could see the issues that would unfold with liquidity and price.

We will not outperform indices all of the time, but instead aim to make long-term returns for our clients in as low volatility environment as we can. This can be seen by the smoother returns from our portfolios.

In designing and managing our portfolios, we strive continuously for tax efficiency, taking account both of immediate and prospective taxation. Tax mitigation goes hand in glove with simple and effective trusts, Wills and legal arrangements and we have significant expertise in all these areas. Your portfolio will be reviewed with you every six months when we will consider the fund allocation and any changes to strategy that should be made.

Our client portfolio sizes vary and we look after several generations of families at a time. Good financial planning is no longer about just you; it is about your extended family and the impact that they have financially on you both now and in the future. Life cycles are such that we start as children dependent on our parents and at the end of our lives become dependent on our children.

Interested in Investment Management for both Personal and Business?

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