In conversation with Julian Jessop

KMG – Your Economic Seminar

A video-seminar for you!  Whilst it is hugely disappointing that we are unable to continue with our traditional seminars at the National Liberal Club and Denbies Wine Estate this year, we are fortunate to have the economic views of Julian Jessop to share with you by video.  Julian has been involved with Brexit and shares his views as an economist on the important matters affecting us all.  

So, whilst we are unable to meet everyone in person, we put to Julian a number of questions and added each as a bite-sized video to our website covering Brexit, the US election, inflation, tax and thoughts to the future.  We very much hope you will watch and enjoy our videos as we cover some of the fundamental issues of our time which will affect both your investments and life more broadly for years to come.

Recap of the COVID-19 virus and impact so far

The COVID-19 recovery

What is on the UK tax horizon?

Where are interest rates going?

How will the US election impact me and my portfolio?

How will BREXIT affect me?

An insight into KMG’s investment committee

A 12 month outlook