In conversation with Grace Blakeley

KMG – Your Economic Seminar

With the aim of achieving a level of political balance, we are pleased to present another series of bite-sized videos – the longest being just 4 minutes 37 seconds – with Grace, who is an economist, a paid up member of the Labour party and who you may remember for her fast-paced and radical presentations at our 2019 seminars.

Grace covers a number of the fundamental topics of our time, often coming back to those important issues of climate change and inequality. We very much hope you will watch and enjoy our videos and we welcome your feedback.

Introduction, and were you surprised by the market recovery following COVID-19?

Expected recovery from COVID-19?

UK government reaction to COVID-19

Is economic growth the way out of the UK government debt issue?

Can we expect a greater focus on climate change moving forward?

The future of the labour party

Expectations for inflation

Comments on stagflation

Countering inequality in a post-COVID world

The BREXIT effect

Optimism for the future