Business as usual

As you would expect, KMG as a business is way ahead of the curve in managing the virus crisis.

Indeed, for many years we have had what we call the “Snow Plan”. This plan was created because of the area in which we are based (near to Gatwick airport), the unreliability of our electricity supply and the fact that the lane to the office can become too dangerous in bad weather.

Every member of the KMG team already has in place a complete office at home and indeed for many years you have not realised whether you have been talking with the team in the office, at their home or wherever else they may work including of course the garden shed!

We have indeed tested the whole arrangement even to the point where we can have group meetings online so that we can all see each other on a screen even though we are miles apart.

Our telephone system means that we have an interaction between all of us all the time on linked lines to make communication and connectivity quick, efficient and effective.

We also took this action because we could very easily see a way in which the world will evolve into the technological age of virtual offices and a completely different way of working. All of our staff have been working at home at least one day a week for some time and this will now simply be expanded and extended.

We originally wanted to embrace home working to improve everybody’s quality of life and at the same time to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of energy required to commute. By the same token we fully realise the pleasure in human interaction and the need for our wonderful team to come together and this will continue into the future, albeit with some immediate disruption due to the virus issues.

So, for KMG we will continue to operate each day and be available to our clients as we always have been!

The KMG Team