Personal Planning

Our personal services

KMG succeeds by providing a quality, personalised service

Our philosophy is to match holistic financial advice with robust investment performance. We start from the belief that effective financial planning is far more complex than simply arranging individual products.

Every client has highly individual requirements. We deal with all aspects of financial planning from initial investments for children through to high net worth wealth preservation. Taking into account economic circumstances and political influences, we look at immediate requirements as well as long term financial goals; at creating wealth as well as preservation through active fund management.

Investment management

We have a dedicated investment team who look at the entire investment universe and conduct detailed research into each fund and product we recommend. Their remit is to consider the global macro picture and make tactical geographic and asset allocation decisions with the aim of providing positive returns whilst minimising downside risks (reducing volatility).

KMG are forward thinking and by example this aided us to avoid the debacle of the property sector and equities in 2007 where we recommended coming out of these sectors as we could see the issues that would unfold with liquidity, and price. We moved into and out of fixed interest funds making good profits in the last six years.

This is testimony to our forward thinking and looking not just at the hard facts, but how these actually work in the reality of our day-to-day lives.

In designing and managing the portfolios, we strive continuously for tax efficiency, taking account both of immediate and prospective taxation. Tax mitigation goes hand in glove with simple and effective trusts, Wills and legal arrangements and we have significant expertise in all these areas.

We will not outperform indices all of the time, but instead aim to make long term returns for our clients in as low volatility environment as we can. This can be seen by the smoother returns from our portfolios.

Our client portfolio sizes vary and we look after several generations of families at a time. Good financial planning is no longer about just you; it is about your extended family and the impact that they have financially on you both now and in the future. Lifecycles are such that we start as children dependent on our parents and at the end of our lives become dependent on our children. The effects of this dictate your
financial objectives.

Discretionary Fund Management

KMG Investment Management Limited was launched in 2014 and is our new Discretionary Fund Management service.

What is Discretionary Fund Management?

A discretionary fund management company will manage your portfolio and make changes to the fund strategy on your behalf.

KMG Investment Management was established to provide a discretionary fund management service for our clients not wishing to be involved with the day-to-day running of their portfolios. There will be no fundamental changes to our rigorous standards and investment processes that we have always adhered to, however, we will now be able to diversify our fund selection considering low cost funds, with good performance, therefore delivering greater total returns.

Why have Discretionary Fund Management?

By appointing KMG Investment Management to manage your portfolio, you can benefit from a more efficient service, save time and reduce the amount of paperwork you receive.

You will continue to receive the same service levels you have come to expect from us. We will be able to spend less time on administration when we meet you and more time discussing what is important to you – you!

If you are interested to hear more about the service then our team would be delighted to hear from you.

Retirement planning

We offer advice and guidance on pre- and post-retirement planning, including self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs), income drawdown, annuities and secured or unsecured pensions.

Over the years the KMG team has successfully helped our clients in this stage of their lives. There is never one solution and therefore it is vital to understand all your options before committing your pension funds in any one or more directions.

With continuing changes in pension’s legislation, KMG continue to assess the ever-changing environment.

We review pensions and the long term impact these have on lifetime allowances and the ultimate potential taxation when drawing funds.

We not only offer advice on pension funds invested through KMG, but employment pensions which clearly impact on overall financial goals.

Life, health and income protection

The foundation to financial planning is to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected should the worst happen whether this is severe illness or death. We offer advice on a range of different products to protect against the unexpected.

Most of us consider protection when we have a young family, but this is not always enough.

Protection is not only for your personal needs it also extends to protecting your business whether you run a limited company or are a sole trader. We assess the importance of individuals on the business and tailor a protection package that is sufficient and affordable. By example, one client was very pleased to have both medical insurance and income protection when they were diagnosed with cancer. The medical cover allowed them to choose their place of treatment and influence their treatment and the income protection provided peace of mind that they would continue to be able to meet their monthly expenditure. Another client found critical illness cover to be a fantastic support following cancer diagnosis.

School fees planning

One of the biggest expenses of children is their education. If you plan to privately educate your children or even grandchildren, at KMG we have vast experience in this field, helping you plan for this large financial commitment.

Home financing and portfolio lending

We can assist with your home financing, whether you are buying a house or wish to release equity from your home. Our team are qualified and experienced in both traditional mortgages as well as the more specialised lifetime mortgage range – mortgages for those that are retired.

KMG have been working to establish portfolio lending for our clients. Several clients approached us wishing to borrow funds on a short term basis to finance a business deal or to bridge financing of a property. There are times when a loan against a home is not possible for various reasons yet the client has a valuable asset in their investment portfolio. KMG are now able to assist in the arrangement of finance secured against an investment portfolio.

Estate planning, Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney and Probate services

We have vast experience advising clients on estate planning and mitigation of unnecessary inheritance tax on their estates.

We are experienced in Will writing to ensure your estate is administered as you would wish.

We create Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) to protect you should you no longer be able look after your own affairs. Our experience over many years has led to recommend all clients consider setting up formal LPAs.
Sadly there have been occasions where this decision has been taken too late and the estate of the person has been hard to administer with the intervention required by the Court of Protection. It is never too soon to arrange an LPA as you can never be sure if and when this will be needed.

We have also completed numerous Probate applications with clients and are proud to have a Trusts and Estates Practitioner in house.

Please note that Will writing and Probate services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Trustee investment planning

KMG’s qualifications and knowledge allow us to work closely with Trustees in managing Trust funds and meeting the obligations and requirements of the Trustee Act 2000.

Mental Capacity Act 2005: A Trustee is obliged under the Act to ensure they obtain professional advice in respect of the Trust investments.

We can assist in providing the financial advice required on the Trust assets and ensure that the investment strategy is both suitable and diversified in risk. Our services include ongoing management and monitoring making the role of the Trustees that little bit easier.

We also provide the information to keep the all-important accounts and make relevant tax submissions.

Long term care planning

Should the time come when you or a family member need to consider assistance either in your home or moving to a care home, there are a number of options that can be considered.

At KMG our team are qualified to advise in this specialist area and help you with those difficult decisions.