Corporate Planning

Our corporate services

Corporate financial planning

Businesses need financial advice. Whether this is investing excess funds for the short or long term, assisting the
Directors in planning their own wealth hand in hand with the company, or arranging protection, KMG has
vast experience in this field.

Corporate investment

We have a dedicated investment team who look at the entire investment universe and conduct detailed
research into each fund and product we recommend. Their remit is to also look at the global macro picture
and make tactical geographic and asset allocation decisions with the aim of providing positive returns whilst
minimising downside risks.

In designing and managing the portfolios, we strive continuously for tax efficiency, taking account both of
immediate and prospective taxation for the business and the shareholders.

Some of our clients run companies with excess cash reserves which will not be needed for some years when
they plan to expand so would like better returns than cash on deposit. Holding large deposits in one
financial institution carries its own risks.

Business protection

It is important that should something happen to a key person in the business that trading can continue and
that the business as a whole does not suffer. It is a difficult time to both support the individual involved as well
as replace their role whether on a permanent or temporary basis. Our knowledge and experience can
provide you with the best advice for your business.

Running our own company we appreciate how important this can be. Over the years KMG has traded we
have had circumstances where a few of our staff have been ill for a long time and we have been pleased
to have the financial protection to support them above and beyond statutory requirements.

Directors financial planning

As well as the financial advice that a business requires in respect of protection and investment strategy, we
find that time after time the Directors have additional planning needs to ensure that their financial plans
work in harmony with the business. It is important to make the most of all tax planning opportunities as a
Director of a company in withdrawing funds from the business and/or retaining them within, in a productive
manner that suits the long term objectives of both parties.

As a private limited company we have first–hand experience on corporate and personal taxation matters to enable us to provide all round advice to you.